Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Clients May Ask About Services

  1. What is Social Media Management?
    1. SMM is all about business and how you put yourself out on the internet. Social Media is basically a full time job and some people don’t have the time as much as others to really take it seriously or get to learn new things being added to the app. This is where Valdez Agency comes in. Management helps keep your content organized, have a cohesive feed, apply a posting schedule, and more! You hire us so that there is room for everything to be done in a clean way.
  2. Do we post directly for you?
    1. Yes! That is why we are a management service. Depending on the type of plan that you pay for, we will be able to take over anything you need assistance on. It can be publishing posts, stories, reels, or responding to comments.
  3. What platforms do we manage for you?
    1. We specifically focus on Instagram but if you have other services you would like managed such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, we will provide that assistance as well!
  4. Can we just do specific tasks like answering direct messages and comments, etc.?
    1. Absolutely. Anything that a client needs we will be able to help with even if it’s just one take you don’t have as much time to do so you can focus on doing what you love. Click here to view all of our plans and we also have a custom plan feature where you can pick and choose specific services you need.
  5. Is the client still required to be on the account once Valdez Agency takes over?
    1. Yes and no! It is entirely up to the client but of course since it is your account you are able to make any changes you’d like or check in on anything. You won’t be required to sit down, type up a Instagram caption and post it since we will be taking over that for you depending on the package that you choose.
  6. How much can we post for you?
    1. Every business is different so depending on how much work you would like done to your account and what specific service you need is how we determine the amount of posts you need. It doesn’t need to be everyday so you don’t overwhelm your followers but we typically keep it between 3-5 realistically.
  7. Why should I hire a Social Media Manager?
    1. Getting work done for you so that you can take more time to focus on your business and anything you didn’t have time to do before is one of the best reasons to hire a Manager. We will create content for you, post it, and respond to all engagement. Having an extra hand around is something everyday can use and have less pressure on your shoulder!

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