My name is Pamela Valdez

Pamela Valdez is a freshman at The Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Fashion Business Management. Valdez is a business-oriented individual skilled with a history of social media, marketing management, fashion journalism, retail, sales, and website building. Her goals are to create a fashion business career, specifically within marketing and luxury brands.

Outside of Pamela’s education, she is a Content Creator, Blogger and Founder of: Glamour and Guide – virtual fashion journal and diary. Check it out for more fashion, business, and lifestyle based content at www.glamourandguide.com

Why I Founded Valdez Agency

Growing up with social media and technology, I have always loved how easy it is to do almost anything from your phone or laptop! What I never thought I could do was start a business through it and be able to connect with people. You grow up thinking you have to follow a conventional path of going to college to study, graduating to find your job, then just working and living but.. I wanted to break out of this traditional route and start something now instead of waiting until later because why not?

I have always loved social media especially creating and posting content within the business side of the fashion and luxury industry. Creating an Agency to have clients within this field so they can have the best version of their business and brand, excited me because of all the unknown amazing opportunities that can be obtained. 

My Specialty Skills Within Social Media:

  • Community Management
  • Scheduling Content and Posting
  • Content Creation and Repurposing
  • Profile Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress Website Design

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